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What is broken, can be made whole.

What is dirty, can be made clean.

Resentment can become forgiveness.

What is covered, cannot be healed.

Not all wounds, are visible.

But, the Cross, is always the place of exchange.


It's possible to be close to God and still be ignorant.

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The Vision | Leaders' Guest House

A leader is a father, aunt, president, Sunday school teacher, queen, ceo - male or female. Leaders serve every day and receive the most slings and arrows of anyone in an institution or organization. Therefore, they have the greatest chance of carrying deep, severe wounds. Often leaders say, “I serve other people. I come last.” Healed People knows the people who should receive the most care, which includes healing & deliverance ministry. So - they can keep leading well, at their optimal performance. Leaders’ Guest House is a place of restoration. It’s to be quiet. It’s a refuge. It’s a place for confidential ministry. It’s a place to worship freely. You can be simple or you can have the works. Years ago, I built a home and people wanted to come over. They’d say, “I won’t bother you. I just want to come and sit in your house.” And that’s what I want for leaders. A chance to come and sit in the property that exudes healing. Want you join Healed People, Heal People in making Leaders Guest House a reality.                 The vision is cast!

Healed People

Healed People